Aesthetic Dentistry

The purpose of aesthetic dentistry is to create healthy and happy smile. For this reason, while it is sometimes enough only to whiten the teeth, it may be necessary to plan the treatment together with orthodontic procedure and prosthesis treatment in case visual teeth are crooked.

For instance, if your teeth are yellowish or if your condition requires other prosthesis branches too, then treatment plan may be extended. Aesthetic dentistry covers all necessary treatment plans to ensure a natural smile. Laminated Porcelain treatment is frequently applied to create a natural and healthy vision. Porcelain Veneers are applied in such a way to cause minimum damage to healthy teeth. Firstly, 10 or 12 teeth that are visible in smile are roughened and then these thin porcelain veneers are fixed on the tooth surface. It is extremely easy and fast to apply. Talya Dental will help you choose the optimal treatment plan.

In case of more complicated conditions, orthodontic brackets, bridges or crowns can be used for more natural and healthier look. Today, orthodontic brackets can be fixed behind teeth thereby eliminating aesthetic concerns of patients. Fillings, bridges and crowns are also applied with faster and sharper results thanks to the innovations in dentistry. For instance, decisions can be made faster thanks to panoramic x-rays. Crowns are now cut faster and sharper with the help of 3 dimensional fully-automated devices. Talya Dental will help you plan the most effective treatment option by bringing you together with the dental clinics that are in compliance with today’s technology.


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