Dental Implant

Dental implant is a small titanium screw that is placed on alveolar bone in lieu of the teeth that are missing or should be replaced. Titanium is a material that is in full harmony with alveolar bone delivering a natural feeling. In this way, you will realize that you are not doomed to the discomfort caused by existing dental prostheses or removable prostheses thanks to the tailor-made treatment plan by Talya Dental, and lead a better quality and healthier life.

Titanium is also applied in knee and hip prosthesis treatments. The screw that is placed into alveolar bone forms the root of your new tooth as it integrates with the bone. After placing the implant into alveolar bone, abutment (tiny piece that binds the dental porcelain) is attached and dental porcelain is fixed thereby concluding the treatment.

While this process varies depending on each patient’s condition, it takes 3-6 months on average. Dental implants are under lifetime warranty. All dental implants are FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved. Talya Dental will help you choose the most fitting dental implant for you.

Travel duration;

It takes 7-10 days to place the dental implant. After placing the implant and removing the stitches, you can comfortably carry on your daily life and return to your home country. Integration time of the dental implant to alveolar bone is roughly 3-4 months. The time necessary for abutment and dental porcelain is 7-8 days. You can plan your second visit to Antalya based on these time intervals. Your flight and hotel booking will be arranged by Talya Dental based on your treatment plan. Airport, Hotel and Clinic transfers will also be arranged by Talya Dental.

How many dental implants are needed?

While the number of dental implants varies based on the clinical condition of the patient, it is not a must to place one implant for each missing tooth as a general rule. If the cavity covers more than one tooth, an implant bridge can be added. For patients that require full oral restoration, 6 dental implants to maxilla (upper jaw) and 6 dental implants to mandible (lower jaw) will form the infrastructure for totally 28 teeth. This will be decided by our specialists. If you have 3-4 teeth cavity, 2 dental implants will be placed. If you have 1 tooth cavity, 1 implant will be placed.

While placing the dental implants, local anesthesia is sufficient. You can carry on your daily routine following this painless operation and enjoy your days in Antalya.


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