Dental Prosthesis

Prosthesis is a sub-branch of dentistry in which technology is utilized at the highest level compared to other sub-branches. In the past, dentists and dental technicians had to work on crowns or bridges for days. Today, on the other hand, work load of dentists and dental technicians has drastically reduced thanks to three dimensional and laser cutting technologies while also reducing the recovery time of patients and minimizing the margin of error. Talya Dental is in cooperation with clinics that make use of such latest technologies so that patients, who choose Antalya for their treatment, can recover and return their homes as soon as possible.

For instance, the number of required implant is identified together with the patient following the examination of tomographic x-ray images of those patients that need full oral prosthesis. Then, the prosthesis to be used is produced by CAD/CAM devices following the fixture of the implant. While this treatment protocol saves time for patients, it also minimizes the recurrence of the problem thanks to the precision of the application.


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