Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal diseases are the most challenging disease types for dentists. Although there are numerous treatment protocols including surgery for receding or prolapsing gums, there is always the risk of recurrence due to the inherent nature of the disease.

The most effective treatment plan for periodontal diseases is preventive treatment. That is the measure taken for preventing the occurrence. Smoking and deterioration of oral hygiene are the leading causes of periodontal diseases. Consequently, measures to be taken to prevent occurrence will reduce the risk. Receding gums can be treated with simple surgical operations however recurrence is an inherent risk in this disease.

Receding gums might cause loss of gums down to the root however it starts with sensitivity in dental surface and may even lead to loss of teeth in chronic cases. When necessary, filling can be applied in the same color as gums together with preventive measures in order to increase the quality of life. Another treatment protocol is to transplant gums with surgical operations in case of chronic patients. Talya Dental will guide you plan the most suitable treatment option for you.


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